Immigration Services

Fidelis provides high quality Immigration and Mobility Solutions for Companies as well as Individuals.

Fidelis having more than 10 service locations in India and a branch office in the USA, develop and provide solutions that would help Companies to become operationally efficient and strategically competent. With its policy of right access to the right solution at the right time, Fidelis Group set up the division which is called as Fidelis Immigration to provide end to end Immigration and Mobility Solutions to its clients with highly expertise professionals in this field. A combination of extensive experience, multiple presences and inside industry knowledge enables us to provide solutions that deliver results. Fidelis Immigration is only India based company which provides Umbrella Services in the country as on date.

Umbrella Services

Umbrella Services is flagship service of Fidelis Immigration which is defined as a business entity that provides human resources outsourcing services to client companies through the use of a co-employment relationship. Particular country work permit is must to work in any country and to file work permit, Companies should have entity in those countries as a sponsor and the maintenance cost of these offices will be too high. To overcome these problems to the clients, Fidelis Immigration has started Umbrella Services, through which we sponsor the work permit to the employee of our clients with utmost care to the legal implications. Using these service companies can send their employees abroad for work to serve their clients without having Entity in these countries.

Inbound and Outbound Immigration Services

Immigration is the major decision an individual makes in his life. We provide complete immigration services for short and long term international assignments to all the countries in the Globe.

Petition drafting services for the USA applications

For the companies and law firms who wants to file the H-1 and L-1 applications on their own, we help in drafting the high quality petitions as per their requirement.

Visa Stamping services at local consulates

We provide end to end solutions to our clients in getting different type of short term and long term visas for all the countries in the Globe at the local consulates/embassies/high commissions in India. Visas include but not limited to Business Visa, Student Visa, Dépendent Visa and Tourist Visa. We can also provide dedicated implant services based on the volume and requirement of client.

Attestations / Legalisations of the documents

Legalisation is the procedure by which an official document issued by an Indian Authorities requires validation by Home Department / HRD, Indian Ministry of External Affairs and particular country authorized Foreign Missions in India, that the document is legally valid in the country where we are applying visa. Various countries requires legalized documents before they approve the visa. We help our clients to get their documents legalized at above mentioned authorities

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